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Western is committed to helping you succeed through all stages of your academic career. Numerous offices and resources are available to help you take an active role in planning your academic future, from understanding the General University Requirements and registering for classes, to declaring a major and developing effective study skills.

Academic Advising Center
Old Main 380, 360.650.3850, advising@wwu.edu

Admissions Office & Transfer Credits
Old Main 200, 360.650.3440, admit@wwu.edu

Career Services Center
Old Main 280, 360.650.3240, careers@wwu.edu

First-Year Programs & First-year Interest Groups (FIGs)
Old Main 480B, 360.650.3004 

Honors Program 
College Hall 204, 360.650.3034, honors@cc.wwu.edu

International Programs and Exchanges
College Hall 104, 360.650.3298, ipe@wwu.edu

The Learning Commons
The Learning Commons brings together resources and programs to advance teaching and learning, online and across the physical space of Western Libraries. Learning Commons partners include:

Math Center
Bond Hall 211A, 360.650.3813

Registrar’s Office
Old Main 230, 360.650.3430, Registrar.Office@wwu.edu

Student Outreach Services
Old Main 387, 360.650.7443, sos@wwu.edu

Transfer Resource Center

Western Libraries 
Circulation & Reserves, 360.650.3084
Music Library: Performing Arts Center 376, 360.650.3716

Western Reads 

WWU's E-Catalog

Campus Life

Western wants you to feel comfortable and familiar with your living and learning environment.  From health-conscious food choices to a variety of alternative transportation options, Western provides a full range of resources and services to help you feel at home.  Western also offers you many opportunities to become involved through the residence halls, student government, intramural sports and other co-curricular activities.

Academic Technology & User Services
Haggard Hall 121, 360.650.3142, helpdesk@wwu.edu

Active Duty Military, Veteran, and Military Family Resources
Office of Veteran Affairs: Old Main 365, 360.650.3324

Associated Students 
Viking Union 504, 360.650.3450

Carver Gym 100, 360.650.3109

Campus Recreation Services
Wade King Student Recreation Center 138, 360.650.3766, campusrec@wwu.edu

Child Development Center
Fairhaven Residence Hall 1111, 360.650.3021

Disability Resources for Students
Old Main 110, 360.650.3083, TTY 360.650.3725, drs@wwu.edu

Equal Opportunity Office
Old Main 345, 360.650.3307, eoo@wwu.edu

Ethnic Student Center
Viking Union 420, 360.650.7271

New Student Services/Family Outreach 
Old Main 300, 360.650.3846, nssfo@wwu.edu

Off Campus Living

Office of Student Life
Viking Union 544, 360.650.3450, student.life@wwu.edu

Parking Services
Campus Services Building 132, 360.650.2945, parking@wwu.edu
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
After Hours: University Police 360.650.3555

Residential Technology
360.650.2946, restek.info@wwu.edu

Resources & Outreach Programs
Viking Union 511, 360.650.6127
Disability Outreach Center, Legal Information Center, Queer Resource Center, Sexual Awareness Center, Social Issues Resource Center, Veteran’s Outreach Center, Women’s Center

Student Outreach Services
Old Main 387, 360.650.7443, sos@wwu.edu

Student Technology Center
Haggard Hall 212, 360.650.4300, techcenter@wwu.edu

University Dining Services
Edens Hall 109, 360.650.2970

University Judicial Affairs
Viking Union 506, 360.650.3706

University Residences
Edens Hall 100, 360.650.6565

Viking Union
High Street, 360.650.3450

Western Alumni Association
The Western Alumni House
709 High Street, 360.650.3353

Western Associated Students (AS) Bookstore 
501 High Street, next to the Viking Union, 360.650.3655 
Store hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and most Saturdays 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Western Card Office
Edens Hall 108, 360.650.7414 

Western Leadership Advantage
Viking Union 506, 360.650.4187

Western Student Transportation
Viking Commons 25, 360.650.7960

Financial Resources

Your education is a big investment!  Western recognizes that finances can be a challenge and encourages all students to plan appropriately.  A variety of scholarship, job, internship and student loan opportunities are available to help:

Financial Aid
Old Main 265, 360.650.3470, financialaid@wwu.edu

Scholarship Center
Old Main 275, 360.650.3471, scholarshipcenter@wwu.edu

Student Business Office
Old Main 110, 360.650.2865, sbo@wwu.edu
The Student Business Office includes the University Cashier, Loans and Collections and Student Accounts.

Student Employment Center
Old Main 285, 360.650.3158, studentemployment@wwu.edu

Health & Safety

Being a healthy student means balancing academic success with mental and physical wellness, personal safety, proper nutrition and rest.  A variety of resources are available to help you develop and maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle:

Campus Safety Video

CASAS (Sexual Assault Services)
Old Main 585B, 360.650.3700

Counseling Center
Old Main 540, 360.650.3164

Fire Safety

Prevention & Wellness Services
Old Main 560, 360.650.2993, pws@wwu.edu

Student Health Center
Campus Services Building 202, 360.650.3400

Student Health Insurance

University Police
Campus Services Building 131
Non-emergency, call 360.650.3555, upd@wwu.edu
On-campus emergency, use any emergency call box or call x3911
Off-campus emergency, call 911