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Important! In order to make a reservation, you must ensure your Universal Account is activated. If you have not done so, you can activate your Universal Account now.

Transitions reservations are now open.

If you have questions, please contact New Student Services/Family Outreach at 360.650.3846 or

Transitions Program Fees

Please be aware of the following costs associated with Transitions.

Student Orientation

  • There is no additional fee for students to attend Transitions. The cost for this program is included in the one-time $250 enrollment fee.

Family Orientation

  • $35 per person. This fee includes daytime programming, program materials, resources, and lunch.

Overnight Program (Student or Family Participant)

  • $50 per person. An Overnight Program is offered to students and family members the evening PRIOR to Transitions, and includes evening programming and a shared double-occupancy room in a residence hall, bed and bath linens, dinner prior to and breakfast the day of Transitions in the dining hall.

Math Placement Test

  • The cost of the MPT is $35 per test. If a student takes the MPT during orientation, the $35 cost will be added to the student’s account after taking the test. Students are then responsible for paying the charge on their account according to Western’s student account deadlines.

Spanish Placement Test

  • There is an anticipated fee for the Spanish Placement Test; the amount has not yet been confirmed. We will update the Schedule section, FAQ #21 about the SPT and other areas of the website as soon as it is confirmed.

Parking, North & South campus

  • Parking will be available in the C (Commuter) gravel lots on the south end of campus. All vehicles must obtain a valid permit from the parking office or the pay box in the parking lot. While the New Student Services/Family Outreach office will cover the cost of the parking fee, you will be ticketed if your vehicle does not display a valid permit. Please still obtain a permit!

    Specific parking instructions regarding obtaining parking permits and a campus map will be included in your orientation confirmation packet sent to you via postal mail after you make a reservation.

    For more information about parking and transportation, visit the Parking Services website or check out the Campus Map/Parking Guide.

Additional meal tickets (siblings and guests)

  • Additional meal tickets for the BBQ lunch (for siblings and guests) can be purchased at the BBQ for $10.  Additional meal tickets for the dining halls (for siblings and guests) can be purchased in the dining hall for the following cost (+ tax): breakfast - $8.31, lunch - $11.03, dinner - $12.71. For guests age 4-11, reduced dining rates may apply; please inquire with the dining staff.

    Refunds are not available after the reservation deadline: 5:00pm, Friday, July 15.


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