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Preparing for WWU

1. Visit Your Countdown to Western Checklist

Your Countdown to Western checklist helps you keep track of your status in important areas such as whether or not transcripts have been received, on-campus housing status, and measles clearance for class registration. After your Transitions reservation has been processed, confirmation information can be accessed via the Countdown to Western website.

To login, you will need your Western ID number (commonly referred to as your “W” number), or User ID, and date of birth. Your "W" number can be found on your admission and confirmation letters. Revisit your Countdown to Western checklist any time to verify your current status.

2.  Submit Proof of Measles Immunity

Student Health Center
516 High Street, MS 9132
Bellingham, WA 98225
Phone:  360.650.3400
Fax: 360.650.3883

All new students are required to have two valid measles vaccinations or proof of measles (rubeola) immunity prior to registering for classes.  Options for providing proof and additional information are available from the Student Health Center.

The SHC’s regular hours for SUMMER 2014 are:

  • Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM & 1:00 to 4:00 PM

If you need to get an MMR shot or have your blood drawn for a rubeola titer test, please call 360.650.3400 to schedule an appointment. You may FAX your measles records 24/7 to 360.650.3883 or 360.650.4580. If you have any questions, contact the SHC at 360.650.3400 or

IMPORTANT! You will not be allowed to register for classes during Summerstart if your measles vaccinations/immunity documentation has not been received prior to your registration appointment.

Western strongly recommends that all students have some form of health insurance and offers a plan especially for students. Detailed information is available at the Student Health Center and online at

3. Activate your Universal Account

Academic Technology & User Services

As an enrolled student, you will receive a free Universal Account, which provides you with a number of technology resources to enhance your academic experience, including MyWestern e-mail, computer lab access, personal storage on network servers and dial-up internet access.  Official University correspondence (including a preliminary Transfer Equivalency Report (TER) if you have earned college, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit) will be sent to your MyWestern e-mail address so you are encouraged to read your MyWestern e-mail messages regularly.

In order to make a reservation for Transitions and to register for classes, you must have activated your Universal Account in advance.  If you need assistance or if you have forgotten your password, contact Academic Technology User Services Help Desk at 360.650.3333 or online at  Please keep track of your username and password, and bring these with you to campus.  You also will need to know your Social Security Number during the registration process. 

4. Review your credit evaluation and Transfer Equivalency Report

To receive instructions for generating your Transfer Equivalency Report, you must first confirm your enrollment and activate your Universal Account. Instructions for accessing your credit evaluation will be e-mailed to your MyWestern e-mail account in early July and will include coursework received at Western by June 1st.

Because transcripts received after June 1st may be not included in your Transfer Equivalency Report, you should bring updated transcripts with any additional completed coursework along with a copy of your Transfer Equivalency Report and proof of registration for any in-progress courses with you to Transitions. Having copies of your most current transcripts will assist you with meeting prerequisites for courses and ensuring that you are not repeating coursework unnecessarily. If you want to see how in-state courses transfer to Western, please visit Western's Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.

This is important for several reasons. First, knowing what classes you’ve already received credit for will ensure you avoid registering for and repeating a class, or credits, you don’t need. Furthermore, since registration appointments for future quarters are based on earned credits, having those additional transfer credits on record at Western will have a favorable effect on your registration priority for winter quarter and beyond.

5. Placement Test Opportunities

During Transitions, a Math Placement Test is offered twice (7:45am and 2:00pm) and the Management Information Systems (MIS) 220 Equivalency Exam is offered once (7:45am). Please refer to the schedule section of the website for more information.

Additionally, a Spanish Placement Test will be offered once (1:30pm). If you are planning to take Spanish in Fall quarter, you should take the exam. If you are planning to take Spanish, but not in the Fall, do not take the exam during Transitions as you will be asked to retake it again later. There is no cost to take the exam; the exam takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

6. Explore online academic advising & class registration tools

Get started with your academic planning by exploring online academic advising and registration tools. If you have any questions about using these resources, please call the Academic Advising Center at 360.650.3850. Please note that your first opportunity to meet in person with an advisor will be at Transitions in July.

  • Class Scheduling Resources: Classfinder is a flexible search tool to look up classes by the academic quarter. You will find information such as the days and times that classes meet, course restrictions, and prerequisites. Western's Timetable online displays all courses offered throughout the year and is a good resource for planning your schedule across multiple quarters.
  • Explore Available Academic Departments and Programs:  Before registering for classes, we encourage you to explore academic departments and programs to learn more about the academic majors available at Western and locate contact information for the department.  While you will have an opportunity to receive departmental advising at Transitions, if you have questions about your intended academic major or believe you are ready to declare your major, you are encouraged to contact the department prior to Transitions. For greatest availability, contact the department before spring quarter classes end on June 14th. You will need to provide a copy of your current transcripts and any in-progress courses for departmental advising.
  • Fall Quarter 2014 Dates and Deadlines: Familiarize yourself with important Fall Quarter dates and deadlines, including registration schedule, tuition payments, refunds and more.
  • Extension Students: Please refer to your program/site to confirm registration and schedule details: Extension Student/Site Resources
  • Transfer Student Advising: You may also want to visit the Transfer Student Advising section of the Academic Advising Center’s website before registering for classes to review additional resources and information.

7. Visit the online Transfer Resource Center

The Virtual Transfer Center is an online resource center for students looking to transfer, or who recently have transferred, to Western to continue their educational experience and career. This site is designed to help you better understand Western's admission and transfer process, academic requirements and expectations, student resources and programs, campus environment and community involvement.

You may also want to visit the Transfer Student Advising section of the Academic Advising Center’s website before registering for classes to review additional resources and information.

Page Updated 07.15.2014