Freshmen/Running Start students beginning Fall Quarter will complete their campus orientation, academic advising, and class registration process at one of our advising and orientation sessions. First-year student advising and orientation programs offer an amazing array of opportunities, including a full schedule of workshops, presentations, opportunities to connect with campus services, academic departments, academic advising sessions, and class registration. Additionally, our first-year programs have a Family Orientation program that runs concurrently with the student program.

Eight sessions are offered to students during the summer, and one session is offered in the fall (Fall Advising & Orientation). Students will make an online reservation for one of the dates; reservations will be through the New Student Services/Family Outreach website. Reservations for the Summerstart program will typically open in very early June, and reservations for the Fall Advising & Orientation program will typically open in late July.

The Summerstart program is a two-day orientation, academic advising, and class registration program that includes a Family Orientation program, an overnight stay in the residence halls, and full schedule of workshops and presentations for both students and family members. The 2018 Summerstart program dates are:

  • Session #1: August 6-7 (High-Credit Freshmen only (60+ credits))
  • Session #2: August 8-9
  • Session #3: August 10-11
  • Session #4: August 13-14
  • Session #5: August 15-16
  • Session #6: August 17-18
  • Session #7: August 20-21
  • Session #8: August 22-23

Completing an advising and orientation program is required for all incoming Freshmen/Running Start students. Both the Summerstart program and the Fall Advising & Orientation program are designed to help you begin your Western experience with confidence and success. Your participation will help you feel more comfortable and prepared to begin your career at Western. More detailed information about the programs will begin to display in mid-April 2018 on the New Student Services/Family Outreach website. Fall Quarter 2018 classes begin on Wednesday, September 26.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you plan for a great first quarter at Western! For other questions about the transition to Western, please contact New Student Services ⁄ Family Outreach by e-mail or at 360.650.3846.

Page Updated 11.14.2017