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Welcome to Western!

We are pleased that you have chosen Western, and look forward to you joining our campus community! To launch your Western experience, plan to attend Summerstart, your orientation, advising, and class registration program for incoming freshmen students. Summerstart also includes a Family Orientation and we encourage you to invite your family to participate.

Summerstart 2015 Dates:

*Session #1: August 3-4
  Session #2: August 5-6
  Session #3: August 7-8
  Session #4: August 10-11
Session #5: August 12-13
Session #6: August 14-15
Session #7: August 17-18
Session #8: August 19-20

*The High Credit Summerstart Session

August 3-4 is reserved for those freshmen entering Western with 45 or more college credits earned while in high school. It is designed for new freshmen who have fulfilled many, or all, of Western’s General University Requirements (GUR). It is not recommended for students with fewer than 45 credits.

Reservations for Summerstart 2015 are now closed.

New freshmen who did not attend Summerstart must make a reservation to attend Fall Advising & Orientation on Monday, September 21. You can learn more about Fall Advising & Orientation and keep updated with all our Western Welcome Week activities on the New Student Services/Family Outreach website.
Reservations for Fall Advising & Orientation will open midday, July 24th.

If you have any questions about Summerstart or getting started at Western, contact New Student Services/Family Outreach at 360.650.3846 or

Unable to attend Summerstart? Please join us for Fall Advising & Orientation!
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