New ALEKS Math Placement Assessment (MPA) at Western!

Western is implementing a new Math Placement Assessment for 2017-18 called ALEKS - MPA, which is an online, adaptive assessment and learning system. The ALEKS assessment and learning system offers many benefits to students, including the advantages of individual access, 24/7, from virtually any web-linked computer. This new Math Placement Assessment system is available to all new and continuing students.

Most students who plan to register for a Math course at Western must first take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment (MPA). The MPA also serves as a prerequisite for some courses in other departments such as Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Decision Sciences, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geology, Physics and Science Education.

Taking the Test

  1. Students must activate their Universal Account in order to access ALEKS.
  2. The “Take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment” link along with more information on ALEKS can be found at the following link, including Exceptions and FAQs: ALEKS Math Placement Assessment Info.
  3. Complete ALEKS MPA # 1 PRACTICE (60-90 minutes) – does not serve for math placement/registration.
  4. Time in Prep & Learning Module - optional but encouraged.
  5. Complete ALEKS MPA # 2 OFFICIAL - Scores valid for math placement/registration!

Please be aware that failure to take both MPA #1 (practice) and MPA #2 (official) before orientation will delay registration for a math course or other courses that require a math prerequisite. ALEKS costs $35 per student and the charge will be billed to your student account when you take the assessment.

For questions, contact:
Phone (360) 650-3080
(360) 650-7212

Page Updated 11.22.2017