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Why Should I Be a Student Advisor?

Student Advisors serve as representatives for Western Washington University, New Student Services/Family Outreach, and the Academic Advising Center. As an Student Advisor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop collaborative leadership skills,
  • Expand your knowledge of campus and community resources,
  • Enjoy a fun, diverse and dynamic team environment,
  • Engage with new students and families of Western,
  • Gain/strengthen customer service and presentation skills,
  • And more!

  • How to choose OSA or ASA?

    Orientation Student Advisors (OSAs) work as a team to welcome new students and families to Western. They are positive role models and representatives of New Student Services/Family Outreach. OSAs lead orientation sessions for new students, share information about campus resources and services and answer impromptu questions about Western and the Bellingham area.

    Academic Student Advisors (ASAs) represent the Academic Advising Center. ASAs assist faculty advisors with academic advising and registration. ASAs present important advising information, work with students to develop class schedules and answer advising and registration questions.

    Both OSAs and ASAs work collaboratively as a team to facilitate check-in, answer questions and provide information. They differ in training and expertise. OSAs focus on campus resources, along with student and family transitions to the university setting. ASAs focus on academic advising and the course registration process.

    If you are interested in either of these positions, please fill out the following form so that we may contact you when we begin our recruitment process!

    First Name
    Last Name
    WWU Student ID Number
    Phone Number
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    Year in School
    I am interested in being contacted for a position as an:
    (may select both)
    Academic Student Advisor
    Orientation Student Advisor

    Please note: by clicking "Submit" I certify that all the information on this form is accurate and complete and may be verified. Falsified information may jeopardize my eligibility and/or employment status.

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