welcome families

As important stakeholders in their student's success, the Parent Connection works to support the overall education of WWU students. Through a monthly newsletter as well as the opportunity to attend quarterly meetings, Parent Connection members will have the opportunity to learn more about WWU and programs and services available to students. As a group of family members, the Parent Connection also participates in the programs listed below.

Opportunities to Volunteer
  • Assist parents new to the University with transition issues and information at orientation programs
  • Serve as liaison in establishing internships and career connections for WWU students
    (Career Services information)
  • Assist in event planning and/or fundraising efforts 
    (i.e.  Solicit door prizes for campus events and activities)
  • In conjunction with the Office of Admissions, participate in fall and winter admissions fairs
  • Assist in identifying the informational needs of parents as addressed in university publications and programs on an ongoing basis
  • As an informed parent, support WWU in formal, and informal, programs and outreach with interested parties.
Page Updated 06.24.2016