Academic Advising

During your Fall Advising & Orientation group advising session, you will work with an advisor who best meets your area of academic interest or intended major. If you are exploring possible majors, you can choose a group for undecided students where you will work with advisors familiar with helping students explore various major options.

During your group advising session, you will be introduced to General University Requirements, degree requirements and identify classes to prepare for registration. During your group registration session, you will select classes and register for your fall quarter courses.

Students who have been admitted into Fairhaven College, the Honors Program, or the Music Program will be placed into those advising groups.

New ALEKS Math Placement Assessment (MPA) at Western!

Western is implementing a new Math Placement Assessment for 2017-18 called ALEKS - MPA, which is an online, adaptive assessment and learning system. The ALEKS assessment and learning system offers many benefits to students, including the advantages of individual access, 24/7, from virtually any web-linked computer. This new Math Placement Assessment system is available to all new and continuing students.

Most students who plan to register for a Math course at Western must first take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment (MPA). The MPA also serves as a prerequisite for some courses in other departments such as Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Decision Sciences, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geology, Physics and Science Education.

Taking the Test

  1. Students must activate their Universal Account in order to access ALEKS.
  2. The “Take the ALEKS Math Placement Assessment” link along with more information on ALEKS can be found at the following link, including Exceptions and FAQs: ALEKS Math Placement Assessment Info.
  3. Complete ALEKS MPA #1 PRACTICE (60 - 90 minutes) - does not serve for math placement/registration.
  4. Time in Prep & Learning Module - optional but encouraged.
  5. Complete ALEKS MPA # 2 OFFICIAL - Scores valid for math placement/registration!

Please be aware that failure to take both MPA #1 (practice) and MPA #2 (official) before orientation will delay registration for a math course or other courses that require a math prerequisite. Western recommends that students complete the MPA #2 (official) at least two weeks prior to orientation. The MPA costs $35 and the charge will be billed to your student account upon completion of MPA #1.

For questions, contact:
Phone (360) 650-3080
(360) 650-7212

Spanish Placement Test (SPT)

The Spanish Placement Test (SPT) is a 45-minute test with a $5 fee charged to the student account. For more information about the SPT, please see the Fall Advising & Orientation FAQ section, FAQ #12.

We are no longer taking reservation for the Spanish Placement Test. If you intend to take the Spanish Placement Test during Fall A&O, please visit the Modern and Classical Languages Department and read Spanish Placement Test.

Advising Groups

How to Select An Advising Group

Students attending Fall Advising & Orientation have an opportunity to select an academic advising group for your session. You are encouraged to make your selection based on what works best for you. It is possible that your first choice of advising group may be full. If this occurs, you may try another strategy and select an advising group that is not in the area of your intended field of study. Don’t worry! There is standardized information presented in every advising group, and choosing a particular group does not “lock you in” to anything academically.

Note: Only students who have been admitted into Fairhaven College, the Honors Program, or the Music Program will be placed into those advising groups.

We also encourage you to explore academic departments and programs to learn more about the academic majors available at Western and locate contact information for the department. If you have questions about your intended academic major or believe you are ready to declare your major, you are encouraged to contact the department prior to arriving for your session. Additionally, you may consider connecting with faculty/staff who are in your area of interest while you’re on campus before classes begin.

Advising Group

Following is a list of advising groups for the Fall Advising & Orientation program. When making your reservation, please select only ONE advising group. If you don’t see the group listed in the drop down box when you make your reservation that means the group is full; please choose another advising group.

Business and Economics

Accounting, Management Information Systems, Operations Management, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Management.


This group is for Early Childhood Education and Special Education majors only. 

Please note: All other students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Secondary Education must choose an academic major before applying to Woodring College of Education. This will be the majority of students interested in education. The academic major will become your primary endorsement area once you complete your education certification. Therefore, you will need to choose one of the academic areas for your advising session. If you have questions prior to making your Fall reservation, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 360.650.3850 for clarification.

Fairhaven College

Only for students who have been accepted into Fairhaven College. If you have any questions, please contact Fairhaven College at 360.650.6680.

Fine and Performing Arts

Art, Art History, Dance, Design, and Theatre


Only for students who have been accepted into the Honors Program. If you have any questions, please contact the Honors Program at 360.650.3034.


English, Communication Studies, Foreign Languages, Journalism, History, Liberal Studies, and Philosophy.

Huxley College of the Environment

Environmental Science students may choose to do an emphasis in one of these areas: Freshwater Ecology, Marine Ecology, Terrestrial Ecology, and Environmental Toxicology.

Environmental Studies students may choose to do an emphasis in one of the following areas: Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, Geography, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, or Environmental Studies.

Math, Science, and Engineering

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Math, and Physics.


Only for students who have been accepted into the Music program.If you have any questions, please contact the Music Department at 360-650-4091.


Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, and all other pre-healthcare areas.

Social Sciences

Anthropology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Human Services, Psychology, Political Science, Pre-Law, Recreation, and Sociology.

Student Outreach Services

For students who have opted in to the Student Outreach Services programs, which include Access, American Indian/Alaska Native students, College Success Foundation Scholars, Early to Rise Program, Foster Youth, Jump Start WWU, Peer Mentor Program, and Undocumented Students. If you have any questions, please contact Student Outreach Services at 360.650.7443.


Still exploring your interests? That's okay! If you do not have a strong interest and commitment to an academic discipline or have not identified your academic major, please select the undecided group.
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